Window services

There’s a reason most of the high-rise buildings in Hobart use Spidertech’s window services: our trained and accredited staff are glass specialists, with height access and risk management skills second to none.


Services include:

  • Maintenance Clean
    • Glass and windows which are frequently cleaned under a regular service schedule
  • Periodic Clean
    • Heavily soiled glass and window frames require a thorough deep clean to achieve a professional standard of presentation.
  • Builders Clean
    • Builders clean is required anytime windows are soiled from construction dust and related building activities
  • Glass Restoration
    • Glass restoration is the process of removing glass staining and addressing glass corrosion, if not too advanced.
  • EnduroShield Application
    • Windows which are subject to mineral deposits leaching from stucco, flashing or other contaminate, may benefit from the application of EnduroShield to protect windows from glass staining.
  • Leak Repair
    • Identification of leak source and re-sealing as needed.


Call us today to discuss contract-based window services for buildings two storeys and above.